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Dez Bryant loves 49ers new alternate uniforms, Raiders troll 49ers on the uniforms

The San Francisco 49ers new alternate uniforms are drawing out all kinds of opinions. Two rivals each weighed in.

The San Francisco 49ers unveiled their new alternate uniforms Thursday afternoon, and reaction was swift. There was a lot of vitriol flying around, but on the opposite end, some fans loved them. Black jerseys, particularly when it is not part of a team's tradition, will draw a lot of different reactions across the spectrum.

One person who loved the new alternate jerseys was Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. He tweeted this out Friday afternoon:

A Cowboys opinion holds little sway for 49ers fans, but he seems pretty down with the fashion choice. People are saying black uniforms are becoming passe, but I think some of those reactions are from people that think they are ahead of the trends. Black uniforms are definitely something that was more prominent previously, but I still like them. I do agree that some gold outlining on the numbers would add to the look, but I can live with black and red.

It should surprise nobody that the Oakland Raiders did a little trolling after the announcement. Their official Twitter account posted this late after the first round wrapped up:

I was talking to a friend of mine who is a Raiders fan, and the highlight of all this might be that some Raiders fans flipped out thinking the team was creating a gold alternate jersey. No, the Raiders were just making a joke about the 49ers new uniforms. That's fine. The two teams don't play very frequently any more, but the rivalry is still fun.