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Kenny Chesney announces 49ers fourth round pick, adds team to looooong list

The San Francisco 49ers let Kenny Chesney announce their fourth round pick. His tentacles continue to spread among sports teams!

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The fourth round of the 2015 NFL Draft featured picks being announced from team sites around the country. The San Francisco 49ers decided to get a little cute and have country music star Kenny Chesney announce their pick. If you're wondering why, it is because he is in town for a concert at Levi's Stadium. Chesney tweeted out this picture from the stadium Saturday morning:

The decision to have Chesney involved reminded me of this post from SB Nation two years ago. A brawl broke out at a Kenny Chesney concert at Heinz Field. It was another stadium concert in a long line of them for Kenny Chesney. And when he has had these concerts, we get a picture of him at the stadium in some sort of symbol of the team, be it a jersey, a hand signal, or whatever.

Spencer Hall summed it up pretty well in that article:

Kenny Chesney would like your team, too, but he will require a hat and/or a jersey to become a fan. Please stop this tiny sporting harlot before he adopts another team, and causes another parking lot brawl in Pittsburgh.* His latest album, Things I Stole From Jimmy Buffett While Removing The References To Drugs And Personal Anguish, is available on iTunes and in stores, along with its lead single "Kinda Crappy Office On The Beach (Have A Low Carb Margarita)."

He will be appearing in your neighborhood soon as a golem made of all that stuff tacked to an Applebee's wall.

*To be fair: these two are not necessarily connected. Men in sleeveless shirts in Pittsburgh have never needed an excuse to brawl.

Kyle McLorg added a perfect bow to it: