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Vernon Davis has some fun with Frank Gore on Instagram

It would appear Vernon Davis and Frank Gore are just busting each other's balls at this point. Stand down!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday afternoon, Vernon Davis posted a picture to Instagram stating he missed football. A Frank Gore comment followed calling BS on that. I, along with plenty of others, was confused about the situation. Gore does not seem like the kind of guy who would air dirty laundry on social media. Gore later cleared the air in Davis's comments, saying he was just playing around with Vernon.

While there might be some measure of truth to Gore's joke, it still is likely just a matter of busting Vernon's balls on this kind of thing. Davis responded Tuesday evening, seeming to show even further that they're just two friends giving each other crap. He posted the following picture, with the caption, "LOOK GUYS! Little Frankie changed his number. #wemissyoulittlebuddy #icantbelieveit #wow #reallytho".

Gore's initially message tough to read without an "lol" or the usual plethora of hashtags we often see on social media. At this point, Vernon just seems to be poking back, and that's that. All is well!

LOOK GUYS! Little Frankie changed his number. #wemissyoulittlebuddy #icantbelieveit #wow #reallytho

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