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Bill Walsh, Joe Montana, "Mike Singletary" all made appearances on David Letterman

Wednesday evening marks the final episode of the Late Show with David Letterman, and it should be a great one. Foo Fighters (Letterman's favorite band) will be performing, but otherwise, nothing has been announced. I've caught the last few shows thought, and there have been a lot of great guests, and some fantastic musical performances.

Now seemed as good a time as any to bring up a couple videos of appearances by the San Francisco 49ers on Letterman. The video above features Bill Walsh back in 1990. He was working for NBC Sports at the time, so he discussed some of that, his time with the 49ers, and a book he had coming out.

Joe Montana made an appearance in 1995. I can't embed the video, but check it out HERE. At the tail end you can watch Montana, Letterman and Cybill Shepherd throw footballs at a cab. I don't really think there is much more to explain there!

And of course, Letterman had his Mike Singletary skits. Here is one of them. Best of luck to David Letterman in retirement!