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Reggie Bush says we can expect more swing passes

The San Francisco 49ers will be making some adjustments to their offense with the new coaching staff. What might we see? Reggie Bush weighed in, at least a little bit.

Al Bello/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers are making a significant transition this offseason, with huge changes to the coaching staff, and some interesting additions to the roster. One such addition is running back Reggie Bush. He is on the back end of his career, so we can only set our expectations so high, but his presence could result in some interesting adjustments to the offense.

Bush made an appearance on KNBR Wednesday morning before practice, and he had an interesting comment about the 49ers offense. He was asked if he saw his role as a pass catcher or ball carrier, and naturally he said both. The hosts asked him if he and Colin Kaepernick were working on swing passes, and if that would be the look this year. Bush responded:

"Yea, if you're asking if we're going to throw some swing passes, yes. I think that would be an understatement."

Trent Baalke and Jim Tomsula have both said the run game will be a key part of the 49ers offense. However, it sounds like this will be more than just three yards and a cloud of dust. The team will look to impose its will, but ideally we will see a bit more from the group. We did see creativity in the Greg Roman/Jim Harbaugh offense, but it seemed to ignore some of the things that might have helped keep defenses a little more off-balance.

It is certainly possible the 49ers offense will not develop the way we are hoping. But the chance for just some kind of change intrigues me.