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Phil Dawson in good shape for the new extra point rules

Phil Dawson has great numbers from the distance of the new extra points. That's something I guess.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The NFL announced on Tuesday that they will move extra points to the 15-yard line. This creates a 32-to-33 yard field goal, which the NFL hopes will make the play a little more interesting. The current success rate of extra points is over 99 percent. Last year, the success rate between 30 and 34 yards was 95.8 percent (136-of-142). It is not a huge change, but it is a bit of a change.

Phil Dawson has had no real trouble on field goals in this range, as this stat shows:

The decision to move the extra point back brought plenty of responses, including some snark from kicker Graham Gano.

Jay Feely brought up an interesting point about injury concerns.

I am curious to see how much different teams handle extra points on defense now, and indeed if there will be other injuries. Florio suggested teams might occasionally fake the XP attempt from the 15 since nobody would expect it. I would not expect that anytime soon even if the expectation is that teams will always kick. But if somebody is caught napping on the extra point with such a play, I could see defenses wising up pretty quickly.

And maybe that does open the door for more injuries. There has been chatter about potential changes to kickoffs to improve player safety. I think extra point injuries would be a bit more freak-ish given that players not running at each other in the same manner, but injuries are certainly still something to consider.