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Andrew Tiller, Brandon Thomas split reps at left guard in 49ers OTA

The San Francisco 49ers are slowly figuring out their left guard position. Here is where things stand after one week of OTAs.

Greg Trott/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up their first week of OTAs on Thursday, and we are starting to get some ideas of how the depth chart shakes out for now. I say "for now" because plenty will change in the next few months. Most players will remain where they are, but a few will change, and left guard is likely one such position.

According to the beat writers practice reports (InmanMaiocco), Andrew Tiller and Brandon Thomas were splitting reps at left guard. Cam Inman reported that Tiller was generally getting first team reps, while Thomas was getting second team reps. Thomas is a guy the 49ers view as a long-term option. That's not to say Tiller won't impress, but I'd imagine Thomas is starting at left guard by the time training camp gets here. Tiller spent eight weeks on the practice squad last year, and was then activated to the 53-man roster the final three weeks following various injuries. He has three years in the league, so maybe he has a "veteran edge" of some kind.

The first time offensive line featured Joe Staley, Tiller, Marcus Marin, Erik Pears and Trent Brown. Alex Boone and Anthony Davis are doing their own training programs, according to Matt Maiocco, which has resulted in Pears and Brown getting first string time. I get that Boone is only coming to mandatory things as he waits to get through the final year of his contract, but I'm not sure what Davis is up to. He signed a contract extension prior to the 2013 season. Considering he spent much of last season injured and the team is implementing changes on offense, I'm a little surprised by his absence. I assume he'll be in for mandatory minicamp, at which point we might get an answer on this.