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49ers jerseys rank in the middle of the pack in Uni Watch power rankings

Yep, uniform power rankings.

@49ers PR

The San Francisco 49ers are off for the weekend following three days of OTAs, which means things are kind of quiet....for now. We'll continue with more content surrounding the recently completed open OTA, but there is also room for the random stuff. For example, how about uniform power rankings?

I am not kidding. Over at ESPN, Uni Watch put together a power ranking of all 32 NFL teams. He ended up ranking the 49ers No. 13. Here is what he had to say about their ranking:

Man, that new black alternate uni is a disaster. Also: How is it possible that the 49ers continue to wear those partial sleeve stripes? Also-also: It's time to admit that the gray face mask may be due for an update. Remember when they went with the red one? Wouldn't hurt to dust off that look. On the plus side, the basic jersey-pants combos still look great.

Uni Watch previously ranked the 49ers No. 6, so clearly the alternates were a big problem for them. Opinions differ greatly when it comes to the new black alternate uniforms. I have seen plenty of people who hate it, but I have also seen some folks that love it. I would have liked some gold trim around the numbers, but otherwise I like it. I had suggested selling a black jersey after we saw Colin Kaepernick sporting one in practice. Making it a whole separate alternate is certainly a bigger step forward, but I think it will be a strong seller. I remember in the early 2000s, the Oakland A's had a black alternate, and it was at one point their best-selling jersey ever. Check out more pictures of the new alternates HERE.

I've never really had a problem with the partial stripes on the sides, but I guess when you pay close attention to jerseys, you frequently notice that kind of thing. I do like the idea of going back to the red face mask. I'm guessing that is not happening this year, but maybe in the near future.

It is worth noting, the 49ers till ranked at the top of the NFC West. Here are the rankings for the rest of the division.

21. Seattle Seahawks
30. Arizona Cardinals
19. St. Louis Rams