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Alex Boone doing work away from 49ers OTAs

Here is some video of Alex Boone's offseason workouts.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have a handful of veterans away from the facility, including offensive linemen Alex Boone and Anthony Davis, wide receiver Anquan Boldin and fullback Bruce Miller. Matt Maiocco reported that Boone and Davis are working out with their own programs. It's odd for Davis considering the changes to the offense, but it is what it is. The team's first mandatory activities are the minicamp in early June, so that is when we will get a better handle on what is going on.

In the meantime, we have some brief video of Alex Boone's physical work. Former NFL offensive lineman LeCharles Bentley has known Boone since high school, and been working with him for some time now. Bentley tweeted out this video from his facility, showing Boone doing some serious physical work. This doesn't help him learn the specifics of the playbook, but for now he is hopefully keeping himself in top physical condition.

Boone struggled out of the gates last season, but he also missed training camp. If he returns for mandatory minicamp and the start of training camp, hopefully he and the rest of the offensive line can get off to a strong start.

I've watched @therhino75 grow from a HS kid that believed he had all the answers, to becoming a tremendous father, husband & football player. Each day for the last 7 years of his pro football journey I've heard the same question, "LB we gettin better today?!" ... The mentality it takes to go from where's he's been as a person to where he's at as man, it's different. It's something you can develop over time by constantly listening to that small voice inside your head that knows the truth about who we truly are and want to become. It's imperative that you surround yourself with people that will tell you the truth and not bullshat you. When that circle isn't right, that voice becomes a whisper that you don't listen to because you get really selective in your hearing. You begin to hear what you WANT to hear and not what you NEED to hear. Build your resiliency by challenging yourself each day to do something just a little better than you did yesterday.... Get rid of your "feet washers" that laugh at your jokes even when you know they aren't funny.... #OLPBuiltToDominate

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