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Vernon Davis attendance at OTAs is valuable building block

The San Francisco 49ers kick off their second week of OTAs on Wednesday, which means we will get another session open to the media. We can only assess so much during these open sessions, but considering we are starved for information, any analysis is welcome. We just have to take it with a grain of salt.

The folks at wrote about five standouts from the first open session, and they included Vernon Davis.

Davis' involvement in the team's offseason program has been a positive development. The star tight end saw his numbers drop last season, but he's since vowed to bounce back in 2015. Solid practice sessions like the one we observed from Davis will bode well for his production in his ninth season as a pro. Kaepernick's very first completion on the day was a 25-yard side-armed laser to Davis, who got open down the left sideline on a deep crossing route. Davis caught the accurate pass with out-stretched arms and was still able to get his feet down inbounds. Davis later caught a pair of red-zone touchdown passes from Kaepernick. The first was in a 7-on-7 period. Davis got open down the left seam for another high-point grab. His second touchdown reception came on an improv play during a red-zone team period. Kaepernick rolled to his right and saw Davis wide open in the end zone. Kaepernick quickly launched the ball across his body for a 20-yard rope towards the middle of the field.

First off, I am curious if they specifically referenced a "high-point grab" given the criticisms Davis has received for his patented jump body catch. It has been an incredible frustration for 49ers fans, and something people have hoped and prayed would improve. I suspect we'll still see plenty of these catches, but maybe he'll show some improvement.

The simple fact that Davis is on hand for OTAs is a worthwhile development. He skipped last year's offseason workout program, reporting at training camp. The key will be remaining healthy, but having the full program to work with Kap will be a big plus. He has history with Kap, but with the changes to the offense, it is important for Kap and Davis to get on, or at least remain on the same page.

A tweet from Davis is not going to guarantee anything, but his presence is at least a step toward achieving it.