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Chicago Bears release Ray McDonald

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

That was certainly quick. The Chicago Bears announced Monday afternoon that they have released defensive lineman Ray McDonald. They signed him to a one-year deal recently, but news of his arrest of a domestic violence charge resulted in a quick release.

The Santa Clara police department arrested McDonald Monday morning following an incident in which he allegedly physically assaulted his ex-fiancee while she was holding their child. The fact that she was holding the child resulted in a child endangerment charge. Here is the press release from the police:

At this point odds are pretty good McDonald will not be getting another chance in the NFL for some time, if ever. He has been involved in three separate legal issues in nine months, including a domestic violence charge, a sexual assault investigation, and now these charges. He has yet to be found guilty or plea out to anything, but three incidents in such a short time raises numerous questions. And at this point, McDonald has a lot he needs to figure out in his life.