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A little clarification on Brandon Thomas and the 49ers left guard position

After some initial concern about split practice time at left guard, I think the situation is at least a little bit easier to understand with this Brandon Thomas interview.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Last week, the media got a chance to check out the San Francisco 49ers during their Thursday OTA session. This provided us with our first glimpse of the team's depth chart, at least for those players actually in attendance. The offensive line in particular had some adjustments due to Alex Boone and Anthony Davis's respective absences. The team used rookie Trenton Brown and free agent signee Erik Pears at right tackle and right guard, respectively.

There was a question at one point because reports indicated Brandon Thomas and Andrew Tiller were splitting reps at left guard. The belief has been that Thomas would slot in there to replace Mike Iupati. It is only OTAs, but the idea that he was not getting all the reps was at least something to ponder.

However, it appears that things are progressing along fairly well. According to this interview, Thomas seems to be getting some solid work in as the first string left guard. The team very well could be mixing in Andrew Tiller for some, but I don't think it is something that could be concerning in terms of Thomas's own development. I suppose the interview does not provide 100 percent clarity, but I still fully expect Thomas to be the team's starting left guard when the 2015 season gets underway. It remains to be seen how well he will perform in that role, but he is going to get a significant opportunity this season.