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Mike Davis to attend NFLPA Rookie Premiere event, miss 2 days of OTAs

The NFLPA Rookie Premiere dates are set. 49ers running back Mike Davis will represent the 49ers in Los Angeles. It provides a networking opportunity, but at the expense of some practice time.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The NFLPA will hold their now annual Rookie Premiere event May 28-31 in Los Angeles, and once again, the San Francisco 49ers will have a participant. The event features the big names of the draft, and potentially notable skill position players. This year, 49ers running back Mike Davis will be present. The last three years, the 49ers have been represented by Carlos Hyde, Marcus Lattimore and A.J. Jenkins.

The event provides rookies with a chance to network with NFL business partners, do some photo shoots, and otherwise network and learn more about the business of the NFL. I'm guessing the players association will provide them with a word of warning about not crossing Roger Goodell. It is worth noting this is different than the NFL-organized rookie orientation, which will take place in June. Rookies should not miss any practice time for that event.

The one downside to the event is that it can cost players time at their teams' OTAs. The 49ers have a set of OTAs scheduled for May 27-29. Since the event is in LA, my guess is Davis will take part in the May 27 practice, and then fly down for the Rookie Premiere event. It is possible the day before is set aside from travel, but we'll see. Whatever the case, he'll miss two or three days of practice. Article 21, Section 7 of the collective bargaining agreement actually references the Rookie Premiere event. It essentially says teams have to permit rookies to attend the event provided it is scheduled in May and encompasses no more than four days, including both a Saturday and Sunday.

Davis joins Arik Armstead as the only rookies that have to miss time. Armstead cannot join the team until Oregon finals wrap up. That date is scheduled for June 11. The 49ers mandatory minicamp wraps up on June 12, so aside from the rookie minicamp, Armstead is going to miss just about the entire offseason workout program. I have to think the team provided him with a playbook, but obviously that is not quite the same as being in at OTAs. He'll have some catching up to do at training camp.