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49ers draft picks 2015: Trent Brown talks playing tackle, getting to a good playing weight

San Francisco 49ers rookie offensive lineman Trent Brown chatted with the local media following his selection in the seventh round. He got into his weight and the issues he has had getting down to a good playing weight. He also talked about playing tackle. We have the full transcript.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers drafted a pair of offensive linemen on Saturday, grabbing Ian Silberman in the sixth round, and Trenton Brown in the seventh round. Brown had a chance to chat with the media following his selection, and we've got a full transcript below.

Given how big he is (6'8, 350 pounds), he got plenty of questions about his size. It turns out he dropped 30 pounds in the three weeks between the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine. He said he could not afford to eat with the proper nutrition in school, but will be able to get to where he needs to be now that he is a professional.

It is also interesting to note that he said the 49ers talked to him about playing tackle. Scouting reports indicated he might need to move to guard. However, if he can handle tackle at the NFL level, the 49ers do need someone to develop into a long-term swing tackle option. A seventh round pick is a long shot, but maybe he shows some things.

How are you?

"I'm good. How are you?"

Good. Congratulations on getting selected by the 49ers. Were you relieved that they called your name or were you hoping you'd go undrafted and get to pick your own place?

"Well, I'm relieved. I'm excited to be a draft pick. Some teams were already reaching out to me, talking about free agent options. I'm just happy that came in when it did."

Who were some of the teams that had talked to you about doing that, about signing with them?

"Well, the only team that had started negotiating or whatever was the Dolphins."

Have you had contact with the 49ers leading up to this point?

"Yes sir. We've had talks. At the Senior Bowl, one of the scouts who I'm pretty cool with was here all the time year round and at the combine. He was just asking me what I felt like my weight would be like at the combine. And then, when I stepped on the scale, I wowed a lot of people. And then when I did my field drills, I feel like I had another great showing there too. I'm just glad to be a part of the 49ers organization."

What did you weigh at the combine that wowed them?


And what are you now?

"I'm 350 right now. I dropped 30 pounds in three weeks from the Combine to the Senior Bowl.'"

How much? 30 pounds?

"Yes sir. From the Senior Bowl to the Combine, it was three weeks. I dropped 30 pounds."

What's the highest you've been ever?


Now, was that at Florida?

"No sir."

When was it?

"Junior College."

At 350, is that an advantageous playing weight for you or would you like to come lower or do you think that's about right for you?

"I feel this is about right. But, I feel like I still want to get down about five pounds lower and then that'll be a pretty good weight for me I feel like."

Are the 49ers looking at you more as a tackle or guard?

"A tackle."

Can you play both sides?

"Yes sir, I can."

Did you play with 49ers 2015 sixth round Draft pick G Ian Silberman down at Florida for a year or two?

"Yes sir, I did. For my junior year when I first came in before he transferred, he graduated and transferred."

You do know that they drafted him earlier today right?

"Yes sir, I do."

Have you always been so big? I mean, just as a kid growing up, were you pretty good sized?

"Yes sir, I have been."

You seem pretty proud of yourself that you've been able to drop all that weight. When did you begin that process and am I correct, is that something you're proud of?

"Yes sir. I started the process right after, as soon as I signed with my agent Drew Rosenhaus. In school, I didn't really, I didn't have the funds to really eat healthy so that was the reason my weight was so high. It fluctuated. But, now that I have the funds and the means of income to eat healthy, I can maintain a healthy playing weight."

Was that something that you initiated to lose the weight or were you told you're going to have to lose the weight to have a chance for the NFL?

"I knew I had to lose it and I was told I had to too. But, I knew before I was told."

Trenton, how would you compare and contrast your style to Ian Silberman?

"I'm not sure. I would say we probably have two different playing styles. I'm probably more athletic than Ian. But, Ian's a great ballplayer. It shows, they picked him. Happy to be a teammate with him again."

Were you a little bit surprised that they picked him before you?

"Not at all. Coming into today and that late in the game, I didn't think I was going to get drafted."

What do you mean this late in the game?

"Well, there were only a few picks left. So, I thought I was going to have to go the free agent route."

Trenton, what is your shoe size and what is your current waist size?

"My shoe size is 17. I wear 18 in cleats."

How about your waist? What size pants do you wear?