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2015 NFL Draft grades: What do experts think of the 49ers' haul?

How did the San Francisco 49ers grade out in the 2015 NFL Draft?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the 2015 NFL Draft is a thing of the past and the San Francisco 49ers have a new haul of players. There's a few guys I'm excited about and some I'm not so excited about, but there will be plenty of time to really get into that. Instead, I'll quickly touch up on things before I take a look at how the 49ers graded out around the Internet following the conclusion of the draft.

Personally, there are things I like about the 49ers draft, and things I'm not really hot on -- imagine that! I wasn't nearly as upset as the rest of you over the selection of Bradley Pinion, but of course, I haven't seen a whole lot of tape on him. Let's not pretend that anybody whining about taking a punter in the fifth round had watched any film on him either, though. I don't agree that the 49ers could have better used that pick on some franchise-savior or that you can't take a punter in the fifth round.

But the stats aren't super encouraging. I love DeAndre Smelter's potential, but am real sick of these injured guys coming in and sitting for a year. So far the experiment hasn't led to anything positive. I know next to nothing about Ian Silberman, but Trenton Brown has his own zip code and I like that. He's a man mountain and I like what I've seen from him thus far. Blake Bell is an interesting pick as is Mike Davis, but I think the 49ers really won with the Jaquiski Tartt and Eli Harold selections.

Arik Armstead could wind out panning out in a big way, but I think Tartt and Harold will be more immediately successful, though I hope Harold's draft slot doesn't lead to him phasing out Aaron Lynch because I thought we saw some great things from him as the season wore on last year. Given the injury concerns, the uninspired first-round pick and the rest of what I said, I'd be giving the 49ers a "B-" myself.

SB Nation's Dan Kadar remains cool on the 49ers' draft overall. For some reason, he's talking about the Tartt selection as though the 49ers intend to use him as a cornerback though, asking how many times the 49ers are going to "use a high pick on a safety instead of a true cornerback." I think he's overlooking Eric Reid's concussion issues and the fact that Antoine Bethea is likely gone after this season. That said, he does go on to say that the 49ers' "rebuild" on defense was a "necessity," and noted that Harold and Tartt are good fits.

Still, he only ended up giving the 49ers a "C+" grade.

After saying that Harold isn't tough enough to play in the NFL (I'm sure he's examined this fully and could beat Harold up in a fight if it ever came to blows) and giving his selection a "D," Pete Prisco of CBS Sports wasn't much nicer when giving the 49ers an overall grade. He said that Bell was the best pick, saying that he's a "nice tight end," an called Smelter a "third-day gem." He gave the 49ers a "C" overall.

Over at, they're getting more and more down on the 49ers as the draft goes. They gave the team an "A-" for Day 1, a "B+" and now a "C" for the third day. Ultimately, they settled on a "B-" overall, saying that using a fifth-round pick on a punter was "questionable" but offering up nothing else on the Day 3 selections so they must REALLY dislike that picks. They wonder if any of the 49ers' draftees can turn into stars.

The folks over at think the 49ers did fine, giving them a "B-" overall, noting that Baalke has "come out with precious few starters" over the last several drafts. They suggest that this year's draft could be more of the same, and once again suggest that the 49ers are in a multi-year rebuild and are not simply reloading for another run in 2015.

So the grades are pretty tame at this point. I'm surprised Prisco didn't give them the worst grade imaginable -- apparently the 49ers' new punter is plenty tough enough! What say you good readers?