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A wildly optimistic look at 49ers UDFA Darius Davis

The wrap of the 2015 NFL Draft brought the addition of undrafted free agents. The team has reportedly agreed to terms with eight such players, including five wide receivers. One of the wide receivers is Darius Davis, a product of Division II Henderson State. After some early morning tweets, it is safe to say Davis could end up firmly on the 2015 candidate list for KORY SHEETS WAS OUR FUTURE (KSWOF) status.

Emory Hunt runs Football Gameplan, and puts together YouTube video breaking down draft prospects. One of my Twitter followers pointed him out, saying he was high on Davis. Emory sent along a couple videos including the one above and below. In both videos, it is clear that Emory is a huge fan of Davis. You can take what you want from online draft analysis, but it is interesting to consider his opinion given that Davis flew entirely under the radar.

The Davis portion of the video above starts at 2:44, and the Davis portion below (from two weeks ago) starts at 1:55. In the video above, he compares Davis to Jordy Nelson, and says he has first round level talent. In the video below he compares Davis to Sterling Sharpe. In the mock draft below, he lists him as the 49ers second round pick, but it is not a projection mock. As Emory describes it, his picks are based on his rankings and what he would do as GM. They are not meant to be indicative of where the player will actually be drafted.

It is all a big thought exercise, but clearly he loves Davis's talent. I'm not exactly holding my breath for an undrafted free agent, but crazier things have happened. Keep him on your KSWOF radar!