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49ers will re-sod Levi's Stadium more than usual next season

Want to talk about sod? We can talk about sod.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Have you heard more than you've ever needed or wanted to hear about re-sodding fields and the Levi's Stadium turf? Me too, but that's not going to stop me from writing this post. The San Francisco 49ers had well-documented issues with the field last season, and had to replace it multiple times. It was not fun to play on, it was dangerous at times and it was just one of the many problems the team faced with its new home in 2014.

Well the 49ers think they've got things under control at this point, but they'll have plenty of opportunities to screw things up between now and Super Bowl 50 in February. The 49ers plan to re-sod the surface of Levi's Stadium "seven or eight times" before Super Bowl 50, according to Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area.

That is, of course, due to the amount of use the field will be getting over the next several months. It still feels like a lot, and could be a sign that the 49ers don't necessarily have things down to an exact science but it's worth noting that Maiocco says the 49ers "feel confident they figured out their turf issues early in the inaugural season at Levi's Stadium." So that's nice.

Presumably, the 49ers won't actually be playing in the Super Bowl this year (please don't hurt me) so it's not going to damage this team if the field is shoddy but I'm quite finished with the rest of the league poking fun at how terrible this offseason has been, how awful they think Jed York happens to be (my own opinions notwithstanding) and other general schadenfreude at this team's misfortune -- including all of the issues from Levi's Stadium thus far.

According to Maiocco's piece, most NFL venues re-sod three or four times a year, but the 49ers do have a pair of Taylor Swift concerts in August and I hear things get pretty intense at those shows, you know! Another interesting note from Maiocco's piece is that the 49ers have considered installing artificial surface at Levi's Stadium (at this point it really seems like they should), but that they are "committed to staying with grass at least through the Super Bowl."

Whatever the case, let's hope the 49ers have figured things out enough that nobody is at any increased risk of injury playing next season.