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Niners Nation DOOOOOOOOM Index 3.0: How doomed are the 49ers after early OTAs?

The San Francisco 49ers recently wrapped up another batch of organized team activities, and we break do--DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Lately, I've been writing about positive messages we've been seeing from San Francisco 49ers OTAs. I talked about the recoveries for cornerbacks Kenneth Acker and Keith Reaser, the progress being made by offensive tackle Trent Brown, how good NaVorro Bowman is looking and a whole lot more. I also noted in today's Golden Nuggets that I'm actually feeling quite good about Jim Tomsula and the 49ers as a whole heading into the next phase of this offseason. There was even a bit where I wrote about Craig Dahl and didn't burn down the site while doing so.

No, it's not the end times. I'm sure at some point the soothing black waves of pessimism will wash over me and I'll be back to calling all of you optimists nasty names under my breath all while trying to get you over to my side. It's great over here, I promise you. There's punch, usually salsa and cheese dip if Germinator hasn't eaten all of it already, and the sweet, sweet relief of having no worries about the upcoming season because screw it, it's all bad anyway.

But hey, I've noticed more of a positive energy around here for the most part and I thought it might be interesting to revisit the Niners Nation DOOOOOOOM Index. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, I make a poll and you tell me exactly how doomed the 49ers are. The idea spawned right around the time the Tim Kawakami interview with Jim Harbaugh came out, and we've had two editions thus far.

This is how doomed the 49ers were on Feb. 15:

DOOMED 02-15-2015

This is how doomed the 49ers were on March 9:

DOOMED 03-09-2015

For some reason, I didn't do a post-NFL Draft version of the DOOOOOOM Index. I'm going to guess it's because I worked all three days of the draft and was basically the go-to "hey make that guy do it" guy for the SB Nation mothership. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with football at that stage.

But here we are, on a slow Sunday in which we've already talked about which car a 49ers rookie should buy and on which your benevolent overlord, Fooch, is away. Here we are, coming off what I feel like was a much-needed period at OTAs in which it seemed like only good things happened. We all probably needed that a little bit, right? Even if you cannot and should not put too much weight on what happens during OTAs, it just felt good to read positive things without being interspersed with negativity. I'm a pessimism addict who cycles off with a dose of sweet, sweet optimism.

Anyway, the 49ers wrapped up their second batch of OTAs/minicamps and will have another in just a couple days. They'll have a mandatory minicamp coming up as well, and then training camp gets underway proper. We're hearing good things about the rookies, good things about the recovering veterans and good things about Jim Tomsula. So how doomed are the 49ers, friends?

Also open thread, etc.