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Justin Smith says retirement decision will be known in next three weeks or so

The San Francisco 49ers should know Justin Smith's retirement decision sooner rather than later. Do you think he retires or sticks around another year?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have been awaiting a decision from defensive tackle Justin Smith about the future, and it should be coming soon. Smith told Matt Barrows he will sit down with the 49ers sometime this month to decide whether he will return. As he told Barrows (who apparently goes to the same gym), "You'll know in about three weeks or so."

It is an interesting wording that he will sit down with the 49ers to make that decision. I don't know if that means he has a decision and will bring it to them, or if he is not sure and wants to talk about the team's 2015 plans before finalizing his decision. Whatever the case, we should know soon.

The 49ers spent their first round pick on defensive tackle Arik Armstead. Whether or not Smith returns in 2015, Armstead is a prospect that requires more development than many first round picks. He has a ton of potential, but has been inconsistent in showing it. Ideally, Smith would return and Armstead could learn from him and Darnell Dockett. But if Smith does not return, the 49ers will move on. Armstead would have a chance at more playing time if Smith is gone, but again, he has work in front of him to earn that playing time. Guys like Glenn Dorsey (assuming Ian Williams had the nose tackle job), Quinton Dial and Tank Carradine would be ahead of him on the depth chart.