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Super Bowl 50 odds: 49ers going longer and longer

Bovada released new Super Bowl odds, and the San Francisco 49ers are even more of a long shot. We've got the full odds, along with odds to win the NFC West.

MGM Grand Sports Book

The wrap of the 2015 NFL Draft is one more marker as we make our way through the interminable offseason. The next step is OTAs and minicamp, followed by the long month of nothing, and then training camp. For now, the close of the draft means we have an updated look at gambling odds for Super Bowl 50.

In the minutes after Super Bowl 49 finished, odds for next year's Super Bowl were quickly released. The San Francisco 49ers opened with odds of 25/1 at Shortly after the draft, new odds have the 49ers a little worse, set at 33/1. Public perception of the 49ers is fairly low, particularly from a national perspective. It is not surprising sportsbooks would push longer odds to draw in a few long-shot bets. That being said, they do not want to go too far. The 49ers face a lot of questions this year, but the unpredictability of the NFL opens the door for most anybody to make a surprising run.

I've listed the full Super Bowl odds below. The 49ers are also listed at 18/1 to win the NFC Championship Game. Here are odds to win the NFC West. It is interesting to note the 49ers have the worst odds to win the division. Well then....

Seattle Seahawks: 2/5
Arizona Cardinals: 11/2
St. Louis Rams: 13/2
San Francisco 49ers: 15/2

Super Bowl odds

Seattle Seahawks: 11/2
Green Bay Packers: 7/1
New England Patriots: 15/2
Indianapolis Colts: 8/1
Dallas Cowboys: 10/1
Denver Broncos: 14/1
Philadelphia Eagles: 18/1
Arizona Cardinals: 20/1
Baltimore Ravens: 25/1
New York Giants: 25/1
Pittsburgh Steelers: 25/1
Buffalo Bills: 33/1
Cincinnati Bengals: 33/1
Detroit Lions: 33/1
San Francisco 49ers: 33/1
St. Louis Rams: 33/1
Atlanta Falcons: 40/1
Carolina Panthers: 40/1
Kansas City Chiefs: 40/1
Miami Dolphins: 40/1
New Orleans Saints: 40/1
New York Jets: 40/1
Chicago Bears: 50/1
Houston Texans: 50/1
Minnesota Vikings: 50/1
San Diego Chargers: 50/1
Cleveland Browns: 75/1
Oakland Raiders: 75/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 100/1
Washington: 100/1
Jacksonville Jaguars: 200/1
Tennessee Titans: 200/1