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DeAndre Smelter run blocking will be fun to watch

The San Francisco 49ers are planning on imposing a strong rushing attack in 2015. It remains to be seen how soon DeAndre Smelter will return to action, but once he does, he will be a strong boost to run blocking.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Over the last few years, the San Francisco 49ers have had some great blocking wide receivers. Michael Crabtree was always a physical blocker, and the addition of Anquan Boldin only added to that. The 49ers could have another great run blocking option with the addition of 2015 draft pick DeAndre Smelter.

Smelter is a dynamic receiver with an impressive skill set. I've seen comparisons ranging from Demaryius Thomas to Anquan Boldin to Eric Decker. He is coming off a torn ACL that will cost him the offseason program, and will result in him spending some portion (if not all) of the 2015 season on the NFI list. However, once Smelter's knee gets better, his run blocking will be something to behold.

Georgia Tech operates a run heavy offense that features the triple option. While this can be to the detriment of a wide receiver's pass catching skills, it does allow us to see just what the receivers can do in run blocking. I posted three tweets with Vines below. I know some people want to just see the highlight reel catches, but I love watching strong blocking. Smelter brings a strong presence in run blocking, and getting a chance to learn from Anquan Boldin will only boost it.