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Ahmad Brooks, Ray McDonald sexual assault lawsuit cross-complaint

We've got the full text of the lawsuit involving Ahmad Brooks and Ray McDonald. Give it a read here.

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I was able to get ahold of the civil complain involving Ahmad Brooks and Ray McDonald, and have embedded it below for you to read.

Kelley Wolff alleged Ray McDonald sexual assaulted her. There has been no update yet from the Santa Clara District Attorney's office. In the meantime, McDonald filed a defamation lawsuit against her. She has decided in turn to file a complaint against McDonald and Brooks claiming damages for assault and battery, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment.

Wolff alleges that on December 14, 2014, she was invited to McDonald's house. She says she was unaware he was a football player, and also unaware of the domestic violence allegation from earlier in the year. Wolff says she has been informed and believes surveillance footage will show:

1. She slipped and fell on a negligently maintained, dangerously slippery deck near the swimming pool and struck her head. She is informed and believes that she suffered a traumatic brain injury, including a loss of consciousness for more than eight minutes.

2. She is informed and believes that while she was lying unconscious on the pool deck, McDonald erroneously believed her to be dead, did not call 911 and told others that he did not want a dead female to be found on his property.

3. She is informed and believes that she regained semi-consciousness, but then fell on additional occasions due to her altered state from the head injury and earlier consumption of alcohol.

4. She is informed and believes that while she was unconscious from a subsequent fall, Brooks groped her person in a sexual manner.

5. She is informed and believes that prior to regaining full consciousness and while she was unable to give consent, she was carried upstairs by McDonald to his bedroom.

She then says McDonald removed her clothes and "engaged in un-consented touching, restraint, and sex with [her]." She says that at all times, she could not consent and did not consent. She concluded by stating the un-consented touching continued through the following day.

Ahmad Brooks, Ray McDonald civil complaint