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La'el Collins not the father, passes polygraph test, according to report

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The La'el Collins situation is taking a turn for the positive for the young man from LSU. ESPN's Josina Anderson is reporting his representatives told her that his paternity test came back negative, and he passed a polygraph test administered by an independent investigator in connection with the murder case.

For those who missed it, Collins's ex-girlfriend was murdered a week before the NFL Draft. She was pregnant and the baby subsequently passed away as well. Collins was not named a suspect, but police wanted to speak with him to get any information they could, while also working to establish paternity for the baby. He met with police the Monday after the NFL Draft, and he reportedly told them he was in attendance at the Pelicans-Warriors playoff game when the murder took place. I have not seen anything official from the police, but barring any new developments, if his alibi checks out, this would seem to clear him in this situation.

The loss of the mother and child is the serious issue, but obviously this has still impacted Collins. He went undrafted last weekend, and is now free to sign with any team. There have been rumors connecting him to several teams since the close of the draft. Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan had dinner with him. The Miami Dolphins had several players go visit with Collins in a recruiting attempt. And there are some rumors the Philadelphia Eagles might be interested.

People have asked about the San Francisco 49ers, but I have seen nothing mentioned. The 49ers drafted a pair of offensive linemen, including Ian Silberman and Trenton Brown. I saw a report somewhere earlier today saying Collins preferred to stay at tackle given the higher salaries, but I can't find it now. I can't imagine the 49ers would be high on his list of teams given their current lineup. He would have no chance of starting at tackle, and his best shot at guard this year would be to beat out Brandon Thomas. He could decide to come over and wait a year for Alex Boone to depart, but I have a hunch he will look for an opportunity elsewhere.