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Darnell Dockett knew La'el Collins was innocent, knew what was up with O.J. Simpson

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers signed Darnell Dockett two months ago and two days ago. During that time, as is usual, he has been very active on Twitter. He may or may not have faked live-tweeting jury duty, offered to take A.J. McCarron's girlfriend to Wingstop and a strip club, and live-tweeted a police stop.

I have always been entertained by Dockett on social media, and the time has come to provide a closer glimpse. And so, I created a "Darnell Dockett social media" group, just to track his many ramblings. It will focus on his tweets, but he has entertained on Instagram as well. Feel free to ignore the posts if they don't interest you, but sometimes they're rather interesting.

Thursday morning, he had these tweets about La'el Collins, who it would appear is close to being formally cleared by Baton Rouge police in the death of his ex-girlfriend and her baby. Collins submitted to a paternity test and it came up negative. He also took a polygraph test. While the test is not admissible in court, and is notoriously unreliable, it provides some measure of positive PR for Collins.

This all resulted in Dockett tweeting support for Collins....and not much for The Juice. Fooch's note: Since writing this, word is out that Collins signed with the Dallas Cowboys.