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Colin Kaepernick weighs in on Tom Brady's deflated balls

Current NFL quarterbacks have been fairly quiet on the issue of Tom Brady and the deflated footballs (I'm going to avoid "Deflate-gate" and really most "-gates" considering most of the time a "-gate" controversy is nothing along the seriousness of Watergate.

But now, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has weighed in. He tweeted this out Friday afternoon, and I am sure plenty of people will be talking about that to fill the time.

I bring this up in part because I saw this tweet earlier today from MMQB writer Greg Bedard.

Kap would appear to be the first current starting quarterback to go on the record and actually say something about the controversy. I've seen several ex-NFL quarterbacks say stuff, but that's not surprising. This gives a chance for every crappy quarterback to come out of the wood-work with their thoughts. I eagerly await Jim Druckemiller's insight on the matter.

There are plenty of hot takes flowing. Patriots fans and some of their local media are saying this is all blown out proportion and the whole thing is ridiculous. No real surprise there. Tedy Bruschi was on Sportscenter earlier and apparently said he didn't think Brady did anything wrong, and should not be suspended. Color me shocked.

On the other side, people have suggested Brady be suspended for a year, and I am mildly surprised somebody hasn't said he should be banished from football for life. All of this chatter eventually led Mike Florio to go full Florio. And as we know, you NEVER go full Florio.

As this whole "saga" has unfolded, I've tried to figure out how I should feel about it. Some folks have taken issue with the more "probable than not" standard, but I can live with that. Barring some kind of smoking gun or full confession, you are not going to every know with 100 percent certainty. And considering this is not the criminal justice system, I can live with this standard.

I get why some folks are pissed off. Cheating is cheating. And really this might be more about the cover-up than the crime. Well, that and the belief that the Patriots are habitual cheaters. But even still, I just can't get angry about this. I am certainly curious about what kind of punishment Brady gets. Although I don't care very much about deflated balls, I am curious how a superstar gets treated on something like this. I've heard people reporting all sorts of possibilities, with WEEI in Boston actually saying some within the Patriots expect 6-8 games.

If Brady gets suspended for any games, it would certainly be a statement from the league. That statement would be more about potentially lying to the league during the investigation than the actual crime of deflating footballs. I really don't think this would be nearly that big a deal if Brady had just said 'fessed up in some way. I think it would be well in our rear view mirror, and Patriots fans could talk about their boy Tawmmy being a stand-up guy.

But, we are left to wait and see what kind of punishment he faces. And if he does get suspended, it then drags on into the suspension. Good times for all!