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Jerry Rice-inspired Nike shoes are pretty sweet

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A week ago, Nike released a new shoe called the Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid. It was a special edition shoe that apparently was released in limited quantities. Jerry Rice was the inspiration for the shoe, and if you look closely at the picture above and the pictures below, you can see why.

In the picture above, the insole of the shoe looks like a bunch of bricks. As you can see below, the back of the shoe features a masonry tool used to lay cement for bricks. In case you forgot, Jerry Rice credits catching bricks in the hot sun for improving his hands.

I am not a big sneaker-head type of person, but if you want something with a 49ers connection, these shoes are pretty sweet. They would appear to still be available at, so if you want to get a pair ($120), head on over. If you do get some, feel free to send along pictures.