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Jim Tomsula Bludgeon t-shirt idea

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I was poking around over at Reddit, and I came across a fun t-shirt idea. Someone developed a "Bludgeon!" t-shirt featuring Jim Tomsula. The Bludgeon phrase comes from this video that I think most 49ers fans have seen at this point.

I don't know how long that t-shirt will remain for sale given the use of Tomsula's likeness, but if you want to try and get it, head over to that link.

That being said, I thought it would be fun to try and come up with a Niners Nation specific version that could use Tomsula in a more caricaturistic manner. Basically, we can't use his exact likeness, but we can come up with a caricature of him that exaggerates his characteristics. The uniform cartoon from a few days back is an example of a caricature. I think that would be a bit much for our purposes, but you get the idea.

Another option is just a t-shirt with the word Bludgeon in all caps with a couple exclamation marks, and then maybe some reference to NN. Any ideas? I have access to a t-shirt making company for this, and if we make a few bucks on it, that money could be used to buy some prizes for contests, or something like that.

Basically, any thoughts on Tomsula t-shirt ideas, and then if you have any skill with drawing caricatures, let me know.