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Peter King offseason NFL power rankings pretty low on San Francisco 49ers

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Another set of offseason power rankings brings more questions for the team. It is not surprising, but it does a raise a good point: we don't really know what the upcoming season will bring, but at least come September we'll find out.

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The San Francisco 49ers are coming off a second set of OTAs in which the news has generally been pretty solid. Practicing without pads means very little in the bigger picture in some ways, but it is still an important period for installing the new offensive and defensive schemes.

Although we have heard good news on the local level, national media (and certainly plenty of 49ers fans) are still skeptical about the future of the team. Offseason power rankings mean even less than OTAs, but they are still interesting in giving us a better handle on how the media view each team. I suppose we already have a pretty good idea, but I still like to give them a look.

Peter King released his NFL offseason power rankings as part of his latest Monday Morning Quarterback column. He ranked the 49ers No. 26, and his synopsis did not really include anything surprising:

A hurricane's coming for Jim Tomsula. It's one thing to know that—and he does know it. It's another thing to deal with it and find a solution when September comes.

And that really is the big thing. It does not mean the 49ers will not figure things out, but the questions persist. King would appear to be pessimistic about it, as are many 49ers fans. However it plays out, this is arguably the most intriguing September in at least four years. When Jim Harbaugh got started four years ago, it was a weird time. The team was coming off another disappointing season, but the owner's lockout of the players left us wondering when the season would start. Once September got here, I think many of us were just relieved there was football.

We could probably say that any September with a new coach is intriguing. For some it is for negative reasons, but I think most are intrigued to see how this plays out. You might expect great things, you might expect a train wreck, but we definitely want to finally seem answers. I lean optimist, but I won't even begin to pretend to know what the new season will bring, other than some kinds of answers.