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Aldon Smith earns third $200,000 roster bonus

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The San Francisco 49ers paid out $200,000 to Aldon Smith on Monday. It is part of his restructured deal.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The calendar has flipped to June, and we are now less than two months away from the start of training camp. For fans, the start of June means mandatory minicamp is just around the corner. For San Francisco 49ers fans, that means Alex Boone, Anthony Davis and Anquan Boldin will all likely be on hand for practice.

For Aldon Smith, June 1 marks another big day in the offseason. Back in March, Smith restructured his one-year contract with the 49ers, flipping it to a large number of roster bonuses and other incentives. Smith received a $200,000 payment today for being on the 49ers roster. His restructured deal included such bonuses on April 1 and May 1, and includes two more on July 1 and August 1.

Given his issues the last couple years, the deal put even more of the onus on him to keep out of trouble. The team picked up his fifth year option a year ago, and it would have been fully guaranteed. However, both sides worked out a deal that removes some of the risk from the 49ers side of things.

Field Yates posted a rundown of the details of his deal, which you can see below.

The most notable part of the deal that remains is the $5,154,400 in game-day active roster bonuses. Since Smith only played seven games last season, nine of those bonuses do not currently count against the salary cap. It is viewed as "unlikely to be earned" because of the suspension last season.

The same holds true for the inventive of 50 percent of defensive snaps or at least eight sacks. He did not reach any of this, and so it does not count against the cap right now. However, if he reaches them, the 49ers would be on the hook from a cap perspective. That means the 49ers need to have $4,899,350 available in case Smith maxes out his incentives. I think we are all hoping he does in fact max them out.