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Colin Kaepernick talks deep passing game, cleaning things up on offense and more

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Colin Kaepernick met with the media before Tuesday's minicamp practice. We've got the full transcript, in which Kap talks about the new deep threats, the things the offense is cleaning up and plenty more.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Was it a good experience at the Joe Haden charity softball game in Ohio?

"Yeah, it was a real good experience. Got to be around a lot of different players, met a few new ones. Got to see a lot of friends that we're also at the charity event. It was a good all-around event."

You guys are going to be practicing on Levi's field the next three days, do you think that's a good idea as far as, kind of, familiarities sake and getting used to it even more so than you were last year?

"Yeah, I think making the transition will be even smoother the more time we have on the field, the more comfortable we get with it. It's always good to be as comfortable as possible on your home field."

Coach Tomsula talked about incorporating in some meetings, just some guidance on social media. Do you think that's always a positive to be a reminded on the effects of social media?

"He does a lot of meetings just talking about life. Talking about real situations. For example, like the Make-A-Wish kid today. Someone whose been fighting for his life. We get to come out here and play football. We say its hard work, but we're blessed to be able to do what we do and have the opportunity to touch a lot of different people."

Do you have to kind of take it upon yourself as the quarterback of this team to speak to all the teammates and say look, we've lost a lot of key guys but we're going forward with what he have now. Are you at that stage where you need to vocalize that?

"I don't think this team needs that to be vocalized. I think everyone realizes the players we have lost and the players we have here are very capable of stepping in and being impact players for us. At this point, we're going to continue moving forward. We're going to continue to keep working."

There was talk that since the defense has lost so many guys the offense is going to have to help carry the defense this year. Do you feel that you need to do more?

"I do feel like I do need to do more but not because of that. I think offensively last year for us, we felt like it was a letdown. We should be able to do more, and we plan on doing more this year. We're working towards that. As far as our defense goes, they're confident with who they have over there and who's playing, and they're confident in their ability to make plays over there."

You had such a veteran line for your first two seasons here. Now, there's your first season here you have some change along the offensive line. How have you seen those guys come together and especially the right side with the right tackle still being decided?

"They're working. That's the biggest thing I can tell you. It's a little harder for them because the feel right now of OTAs without pads, but they're working every day. Staying on top of their assignments, they've been working hard. Trying to make sure they're ready for the season."

Is that an opportunity where maybe you are more vocal where before you weren't, saying ‘Hey, this is what I'm seeing' and can take part in that more?

"It depends on what we're talking about. A lot of the run game stuff, things like that, that's the offensive line coach's job, and a lot of assignments and things like that. But as far as what I'm seeing in coverage and blitz-wise, rotations, that's constant conversation."

Going over your throwing motion, is that just a developmental process the more times you are out there?

"Yeah, everything is. That's something that I'm going to continue to work on. It's a constant competition to see how much better I can get with a throwing motion. Being more accurate, being more comfortable with the playbook. Everything. It's how can I become the best player that I need to be."

Do you think your deep ball is more accurate now than it had ever been before after your offseason?

"I think so. It's something that we've worked more on too. We added the weapons to go down the field. That's something we've got more reps at, we've gotten more comfortable with. Hopefully, that carries over."

You talked about the offense, you needing to do more. Is that a fine line you need to straddle to where you're not trying to do too much and start pressing and things like that, or do you really feel like you guys left so much out there last year that you really need do to more?

"We did leave a lot out there last year, but I don't think it's a situation where we have to press. It's being able to execute the plays that are called and execute them more efficiently. I think with our new offensive coordinator, with our new quarterback coach, we've cleaned a lot of things up and made it more comfortable and friendly for players to be able to go out and make plays."

How big of a boost are WR Torrey Smith, RB Reggie Bush and WR Jerome Simpson to your passing game?

"They've been huge so far and bring a lot of speed to the field, bring a lot of deep vertical threat. That's something I'm looking forward to this coming season is having that opportunity to take shots."

Do you have any sense for P Bradley Pinion, any observations on, I know you don't watch him all the time, but just how he's carrying himself, how he's prepared to step in and take over that job?

"I really haven't watched him too much on the field. We're focused on our offensive things. But, he's been great around the locker room. A very confident kid. I shouldn't call him a kid, a very confident player. He's done a lot of things well and interacted with everyone well. So, looking forward to seeing what he can do for us."

With the talk of you training to do more, you wanting to do more, do you put more pressure on yourself? Do you feel more pressure going into this season?

"No. I don't think there's more pressure. Very comfortable with where we're at and how we're working right now. Very excited about the season and what we're going to be able to do."

Can you clarify when you say the offense is cleaning things up? What do you mean by that?

"Whether it's how we're running routes. The combinations we're running. The precision of running. Things like that where we put players in a better position to be able to make plays, to be able to use their athletic ability."

In the practices we've seen it seems like head coach Jim Tomsula has done a lot, has emphasized tempo a lot. How is that going to help the offense?

"It allows us to put more pressure on the defense. Going along with that is cleaning up a lot of the offense so we aren't in the huddle as long. We do a lot of studying during the week to make sure you know what the defense is doing and how they're going to react to things. That gives you the ability to go up there and use that information."

Did you see the former 49ers T Anthony Davis news coming?

"I didn't. I was surprised by it, but to each his own. If that's what he feels like he needs to do, wish him the best. He was a good friend of mine, so I hope everything's going well with him."

How big of a loss is that, you as a quarterback, an offensive lineman?

"He's a very talented player. I think everyone saw his impact while he was playing and when he was gone. It is a loss for us, but it's next man up and we have to get him replaced and find someone that's able to get the job done."