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Golden Nuggets: Minicamp Starts

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Wednesday, June 10th, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

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The 1st day of minicamp started Tuesday. Anquan Boldin and Alex Boone, who skipped OTAs, made their 1st appearance at practice. The 2 areas I am most interested to see during minicamp are the at the running back and receiver positions.

First report from the running back position is that Kendall Hunter is looking strong coming back from injury. It's been a couple of seasons since we have seen Hunter running healthy and he was always a productive runner when he was. He provided an extra dimension in the running attack with Gore and I think he will be highly productive in spells for Carlos Hyde. Talking about Hyde, reports have him dropping passes uncharacteristically. Not really a worry, but definitely an area he will need to add to his skill set. Reggie Bush showed quickness in his appearances. He will be expected to provide an outlet for Kap in the passing game more than as a rusher. All these players will have opportunities and there is a lot of talent in the backfield, which will help make up for the departure of Frank Gore.

In the receiver position, the deep ball should be fun to watch during these practices. Torrey Smith brings a legitimate deep threat and matches with Kap's known ability to throw deep. Patton should have a good shot to show what he can do. And we already know what Boldin brings to this team. But more than that, the unknown receivers brought in will be interesting to see. There are roster spots available and the receiver position has been a weak spot the last few seasons for the Niners. Can one of these rookies make the team and be a contributor to the offense?

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