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49ers minicamp: Jarryd Hayne working on his high running style

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The San Francisco 49ers are hoping to turn National Rugby League star Jarryd Hayne into a running back and return man. On Tuesday, he talked about some of the adjustments he has to make.

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers running back/returner Jarryd Hayne spoke with the media on Tuesday before 49ers practice, discussing his adjustments to American football. The 49ers signed Hayne following a high profile career in National Rugby League. His skill-set is fairly well suited to being an NFL return man, but he recognizes a need to adjust his running style.

"My running style is the biggest thing I need to change, with being so high. ... We watched some video today of where I was to where I am now," said Hayne. "It's better but obviously a lot more to improve."

Matt Maiocco discussed the issue of pad level last month following the 49ers second set of OTAs. As he pointed out, there was no issue with pad level in rugby because there were no pads. As Maiocco mentioned, training camp is where we will really see how all this is adjusting.

The team cannot use pads or shells in OTAs and minicamp, but they will go full pads once training camp gets here. Hayne said he worked out in pads for six sessions in Australia. He is running routes and handling punt and kick returns in practice, but as he said, it is so much different once pads go on. I don't really know whether or not to call him a long-shot for the roster, and that is due in large part to just not knowing what to expect once the pads come on. Training camp and preseason will give us a significantly better idea.