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Anquan Boldin on 49ers as a Super Bowl contender

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The San Francisco 49ers are getting plenty of shade thrown their way following an offseason of retirements and free agent departures. Their win total has dropped near the bottom of the NFC West, and among national media, they are not getting much of any respect. Not a shock.

Anquan Boldin spoke with the media during locker room availability and had the above comment. I don't exactly expect a player to say something negative, but it is interesting he mentioned the notion of "probably not be[ing] here" if he did not think the team could compete for a championship. We can certainly take this with a sizable grain of salt, but it is certainly a little bit interesting.

The 49ers have had plenty of roster turnover, so it is not surprising people are down on the team. There is a lot of interesting talent, but there are a lot of question marks. Who knows if they hit, but I'll take a little public confidence. It is just one comment in June minicamp, but I thought it was worth sharing.