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Aldon Smith sits out practice with minor foot injury

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are in the midst of their second day of minicamp practice, and they will be without Aldon Smith for the second straight day. Smith is dealing with what everybody is describing as a minor foot injury. According to head coach Jim Tomsula, someone stepped on Smith's foot back in OTAs, and he got it "banged again yesterday."

Tomsula said they have not yet shut him down for tomorrow as well, but there really is no reason to risk further aggravation. Smith can get it healthy and be ready for training camp. In the meantime, Corey Lemonier and Eli Harold both benefit pretty tremendously by his absence.

I saw LB Corey Lemonier and LB Eli Harold were getting a lot of reps because of that at that right outside linebacker spot. How have those guys done this offseason?

"Really good. I wouldn't say because of that, they might have gotten a couple more of his. I would never say it was because of that. Those guys, particularly Corey, he's really doing well and I'm excited for Corey, I am. Any young guy that works so hard too you know? He's coming along. He's doing a great job with knowing the defense and he's bending and moving, you can see there. You're watching the same thing I'm seeing. He can get off the rock."

He didn't do much dropping back into coverage in college and he's having to do that? How is he doing with that?

"The movement-wise, we have to keep cleaning that up. But, the assignment-wise, he's really grabbed. That's what I'm talking about."