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Jarryd Hayne to have minor foot surgery following 49ers minicamp

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Jarryd Hayne needs to have a cyst removed after minicamp. He is still able to practice, so this would seem to not be a huge issue.

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers wrap up their mandatory minicamp Thursday morning with a 9 a.m. practice session, and at that point most of the players will go their separate ways. Jarryd Hayne is headed back to Australia for the next few weeks, and will return when rookies report for training camp later next month. Cam Inman is reporting Hayne said he will be having a minor surgical procedure to remove a cyst from his foot.

I use the term minor because Hayne has still been able to fully participate in practice in spite of the cyst. He says the cyst developed on his arch, and the procedure will require only a few days of recovery. I don't know that we can surgery is ever "minor", but this will hopefully not be much of an issue. I actually had a cyst removed once from just behind my right ear. That actually required anesthesia that put me out. I'm guessing since it is on his foot he will likely just have a local anesthetic.

The 49ers rookies will be the first ones reporting toward the end of July. That will be followed by the veterans, with all the dates still to be announced. The team has been working in shorts and helmets thus far, but training camp will finally bring padded practices. Those plus preseason action will be when we start to really get a handle on where Hayne is at in his progression in American football. He has talked about his need to improve his upright running style, and of course, returning punts and kicks in minicamp is a whole lot different than in preseason action.