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Eagles release guard Evan Mathis after salary dispute

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The Philadelphia Eagles decided to move on from Evan Mathis following a salary dispute. Would the 49ers be interested? Maybe, but I doubt at that price.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles apparently are not messing around. After some chatter about a contract dispute and trade rumors, the team has released offensive guard Evan Mathis. He skipped the team's offseason workout program, and apparently Chip Kelly finally decided he had had enough. Mathis is a vested veteran, so he will not go through waivers. He is now free to sign anywhere he wants.

The San Francisco 49ers have their own share of question marks on the offensive line, and I'm sure plenty of people are wondering if the team will approach Mathis. Alex Boone has been playing left guard in minicamp, and after two days with the second team, Boone was the first team left guard on Thursday. He played right guard the last few years, but there has also been chatter he could move to right tackle with the retirement of Anthony Davis.

Mathis was due $5.5 million this year, and $6 million next year. He also had $1 million in prorated signing bonus money on his cap hits each of the next two seasons. Now he can pick his spot and likely get a good sized contract. The 49ers currently have a little over $10 million in cap space. They need to have $4,899,350 in cap space available for nine of Aldon Smith's game day roster bonuses (they are listed as "not likely to be earned" due to his 2014 suspension). The team will have some money to play with, but I just don't see them paying the kind of money it will likely take to bring in a guy like Mathis.

Of course, they are looking at sizable cap space in 2016, so they could still come up with a large signing bonus and low base salary if they were so inclined. Mathis rated out as PFF's No. 2 ranked guard in 2014, a year after ranking No. 1. He will have his pick of places to play. The 49ers have a spot open depending on Brandon Thomas and Alex Boone, but I just don't see them giving up the money. When is the last time they spent that kind of money on a guard?