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What will the 49ers offense look like this season?

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Some recent quotations from a few people on the offensive side of the ball provide some clues as to what this season's offense might look like.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Over at CSN Bay Area, Kevin Kurz has collected multiple quotations from players and coaches indicating that Geep Chryst's offense is going to be much different than what we saw the last few seasons. From the offensive coordinator himself: "Bake the cake from scratch. I think that's a good process to go through. You're hitting the reset button." And, Vernon Davis backs the assertion up saying, "Everything is new. Everything is different. It's a totally different staff that we have, different players. The offense is just different in so many ways."

Davis cites the change as being a result of different players and different coaches. And, in some ways, the two go together. Chryst admits that an offense must start with the QB, and he is also interested in seeing what sorts of skills different players bring to the table when the pads are on. With respect to this, he cite Mike Davis, wondering what the rookie RB will do when the pads are on, and - presumably - how he might tailor an offense or part of the offense to match that specific skill set.

This seems to jive with some recent comments from QB Coach Steve Logan who recently asserted that Colin Kaepernick will be both a pocket passer and a running QB. This does not seem altogether surprising, at least to me, given Kaepernick's troubles sticking to mainly the pocket last season (that said, if Kaepernick is to reach the sort of potential that his physical abilities suggest he could, then he absolutely needs to develop his pocket awareness, footwork, etc. - I'm not convinced that Logan can get him there, but I hope he can. Also, hopefully knowing that he is allowed to run when he wants to will give Kaepernick to the confidence to stay in the pocket, use good footwork, make his reads, and deliver an accurate throw).

The more interesting comments from Logan, however, suggest something about how the offense will work. He labels what he wants as "explosion plays," arguing that Chryst would give up a high completion percentage for huge plays down the field. As Matt Barrows put it, "Logan offered a scenario in which Kaepernick completed only 48 percent of his passes but had three ‘explosion plays' that created 21 points." This seems commensurate with what we have been hearing recently from the practice field: the play of the day was this super long throw that went all the way downfield! Something like that, combined with Chryst's and Logan's comments, suggest a downfield offense, perhaps reminiscent of what the Indianapolis Colts do.

Moreover, Trent Baalke's comments at the now infamous Jim Tomsula press conference ("I think somewhere in there [Tomsula] said we're going to run the football") seems to indicate that we will set up the deep pass off of the run game. Stack the box? We'll beat you deep.

The fact of the matter is, I'm speculating. Nobody really knows what the offense is going to look like yet, and we won't know until games are underway. I can think of a few critiques of the sort of offense that I've laid out here, but they simply aren't worth providing until we actually know what the offense will be like. But, until that point, it's worth remembering that what we will see on the field will be different than what we have been seeing. That's not exactly breaking news, but some new quotations have started to reinforce the fact that things are a changin' and have started to provide clues about what these changes might look like.