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Is it too soon to talk about future jobs for 49ers assistant coaches?

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NJ Advance Media for via USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL season is still three months away, but Sports Illustrated already started looking at the assistant coaches that are on the radar for the next round of hirings next winter. There will be another Black Monday, and there will be plenty of job openings.

Robert Klemko put together a list of 32 assistant coaches and college coaches, and broke them into three categories: 1) on the cusp, 2) building a case, and 3) something to prove. The San Francisco 49ers had one assistant on the list, defensive coordinator Eric Mangini. This is not entirely surprising. Although he has already had two chances, he has worked his way back into a defensive coordinator role, and this league does love its retreads.

Klemko took a look at Mangini's resume, and then provided these thoughts moving forward:

Has spent the past two seasons quietly coaching tight ends. Working on "the other side of the ball" like that has done wonders for expanding some coaches' minds. A lot will hinge on how he does as a defensive play-caller this season. Expect aggression and diversity from his 3-4.

Mangini met with the Bay Area media on Thursday, and he discussed his failings in Cleveland and New York. He seems to understand some of his issues previously. It remains to be seen whether he can build on it, but he does have a sizable amount of defensive talent to work with in 2015. He will not get to work with Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, Ray McDonald and several others, so the challenge will be real. But if Mangini can put game-plan a good looking defense this year, he could be right back in the mix for a head coaching job in the near future.

Klemko decided to troll pretty much everybody in his "something to prove" category. He included Jim Harbaugh at the top of that category. The question is whether or not he has found the place where he actually sticks for the long run. He has bounced around in his coaching career, but Michigan is the closest he has to a home.

I could see him sticking around Michigan, but will the NFL itch require some scratching sooner or later? He is such an odd duck that it is hard to really figure out what might happen.