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ESPN looks at 5 reasons the 49ers will not fall off in 2015

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The San Francisco 49ers could be an unpredictable bunch in 2015. Most national discussion has focused on the negatives, so Mike Sando decided to look at some reasons things might not fall apart this season.

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The San Francisco 49ers offseason has been fairly tumultuous, and the roster/coaching staff turnover has led to plenty of pessimism about the upcoming season. I prefer to look on the bright side of things, but I can understand why people would not be entirely enthused about some of the roster turnover. This has officially become Trent Baalke's team, and thankfully we are now less than three months from starting to get some real answers.

Over at ESPN, NFL writer Mike Sando decided to take a different look at the 49ers. There have been plenty of national columns about how difficult things appear to be. Sando decided to look at five reasons the 49ers might not see a big drop off in 2015. It's an Insider article, so I'll give you the headers for the five reasons:

1. The drop-off already happened
2. There is precedent for overcoming big defensive losses

Sando compared the 49ers to the 2013 Baltimore Ravens for defensive losses. That Ravens squad lost 5,441 defensive snaps between Cary Williams, Ed Reed, Bernard Pollard, Paul Kruger, Dannell Ellerbe and Ray Lewis. The 2015 49ers lose 4,107 defensive snaps if you include Ray McDonald. The replacements are mostly young guys who have a lot to prove, but there is precedent.

3. Kaepernick could be in a better situation

The article focused on Kaepernick spending time working on his fundamentals, and that is certainly important. However, he also has arguably the most diverse set of weapons in his 2 1/2 years as a starter. He has had a good number of weapons over the years, but adding Torrey Smith and Reggie Bush potentially adds a new speed dynamic we have not seen consistently. The offense is being re-shaped under Geep Chryst, with plenty of talk about working toward Kap's strengths. It's mostly talk for now, but the "could" in Sando's article is certainly on the radar. It's on Kap to execute, but he is getting a great opportunity in 2015.

4. There's a good plan in place at running back
5. Organization dysfunction should not be an issue

This last one is an interesting one. The 49ers made their move to replace Jim Harbaugh following a year in which turmoil reigned supreme. It was somewhat self-inflicted turmoil (I suppose it depends on what you believe about last year's [site decorum] show and the various leaks), but the players are probably not going to have to deal with the same kinds of questions about the front office-coach relationship.

It remains to be seen how Jim Tomsula will perform as a head coach during the season, but we know he is the guy the 49ers want executing Trent Baalke's vision. Given the unexpected nature of much of the news this offseason, I won't put anything past this team, but I am optimistic that we at least will be able to better focus on the on-field product. It may be good or bad, but at least we can hopefully focus more on football this year.

This team could end up doing anything in 2015, and I don't think I would be surprised. I am obviously hopeful for a strong season, but predictions are going to be difficult to make for this coming season.