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49ers cap space sitting in the middle of the pack

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The San Francisco 49ers made a pair of roster moves that do not impact the salary cap for now. The 49ers currently rank No. 13 among NFL teams in salary cap space.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers finished up minicamp last week, and head into the most offseason portion of the offseason. The team could still make some roster moves between now and training camp, but they will be fairly under the radar. At this point, the 49ers have a little over $10 million in salary cap space. The NFLPA public salary cap report lists the 49ers with $10,301,072 in cap space. Our man Jason Hurley has the 49ers with $10,022,196. The NFLPA number is likely the most accurate at this point, but Jason's number is impressive considering he is not an insider.

The 49ers did make a pair of roster moves the last few days. They claimed offensive lineman Sean Hooey off waivers from the New York Jets, and waived offensive lineman Chris Martin (full offseason transaction list HERE). Both deals involve players on $435,000 league minimum contracts, so they have no impact on the 49ers salary cap status for now. The offseason salary cap looks at the top 51 salaries. Once final roster cuts are made at the end of the preseason, the 49ers entire roster of players (53-man roster, practice squad, IR, PUP and NFI lists) has to fit under the salary cap.

Based on the NFLPA numbers, the 49ers currently rank No. 13 among teams in terms of cap space. The Jacksonville Jaguars are at the top of the list with $34,969,198 in space. The Kansas City Chiefs are at the bottom of the list with $388,565 in space.

The 49ers cap space is pretty sizable right now, but it is important to remember the 49ers number is really not quite that big. Aldon Smith's contract includes $7,154,400 in game day roster bonuses and incentives. Due to his suspension last year, $4,899,350 of that money is listed as unlikely to be earned incentives. If Smith avoids another suspension, he should earn the bonuses and incentives. However, because they are NLTBE incentives, they currently do not count against the salary cap.

The number won't count until he reaches the incentives, but I think most of us will assume he will hit those incentives. And the 49ers front office is likely planning their salary cap maneuvering based on the notion of Smith hitting those incentives. It would be foolish to not plan on it.

There will be plenty of roster maneuvers between now and the end of training camp, and even between then and when Aldon Smith's bonuses come due. I think Ahmad Brooks sticks around, but if Aaron Lynch, Eli Harold and/or Corey Lemonier shows enough, maybe the team moves on from the veteran. They could unload some other veterans if the young talent shines through, but for the most part, I do not expect a ton of surprises.