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Golden Nuggets: Where Does The Roster Rank?

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Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

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In the most recent ESPN/Pro Football Focus roster ranking, the 49ers were ranked #17 out of 32 teams. The rankings took a major hit with the players that left this offseason, but there are many impact players on this team. The major factor in how this roster performs relies heavily on players having bounce back seasons from injury and low production.

Obviously, Colin Kaepernick's ability to bounce back from last season will have a huge impact. He is a game changer on his day. He retooled his throwing motion, but we will not learn much about that motion until the season starts. For Kap to use his playmaking ability, the offensive line needs to have a big turnaround from last season. The last few years, the o-line had been an area of strength. Last season, they were not. Kap was always in trouble. A lot because of the offensive line and some because of Kap himself. If the offensive line re-establishes itself as a powerhouse, the 49ers could make some noise in the NFC.

A player that could help Kap bounce back would be Vernon Davis. To say Davis had a bad season last year is an understatement. We all know the ability that VD possesses. Because of that ability, it was surprising to see him perform poorly. When Vernon is performing, the offense opens up for everyone else. It will be interesting to see if VD's touches open up with the addition of Torrey Smith, opening up the middle of the field.

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