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All-22 film of Tank Carradine's three sacks

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The San Francisco 49ers will be looking to Tank Carradine as one of several players to help boost the pass rush in 2015. He struggled to get on the field through most of his first two seasons, but late in the year we started to see him take a big step forward. He was active the final eight weeks of the 2015 regular season, but it was two of the final three weeks when he jumped on the scene. In Week 15, he sacked Russell Wilson on back-to-back plays, and in Week 17 he got one sack of Ryan Lindley.

Reddit user q31 took some time to put together coaches' film of Tank's three sacks. It includes the All-22 view, as well as the tight end-to-tight end view. I know plenty of people are looking for a lot from Carradine, so I figured this was worth a share. It does not provide a ton of information, but there are some interesting things to take from it.

Sack 1

This looks like primarily a coverage sack. The Seahawks run play action, and Aldon Smith quickly gets some pressure. Wilson evades his pressure, but has to cut to his left because Quinton Dial has a chance to get away from his blocker. That forces Wilson right into the arms of Tank Carradine. Nothing huge, but still, good work from Tank keeping his eye on Wilson.

Sack 2

This appeared to be a screen set-up that Carradine blew up. Tank's blocker gives him a little push, but then lets him go past. The screen is too slow to develop and Tank easily sacks Wilson.

Sack 3

This seems to involve the most of Tank's raw skills. The left guard gets a good block on him, but Carradine is able to force his way past and get the sack of Lindley. There is some pretty good coverage on the play, so that helps Carradine, but he still was able to close the deal fairly quickly.

These sacks don't give us a ton of insight, but it is production we did not see for a year and a half. It is a nice step forward, and something he can hopefully build on in 2015. The defensive line is in flux with the departures of Justin Smith and Ray McDonald, meaning there are plenty of opportunities available. My guess is that Glenn Dorsey and Quinton Dial will start at defensive end in the 3-4, and then Darnell Dockett (assuming he gets back to 100 percent) and Tank Carradine will come in at defensive tackle when the team switches to their nickel. It is possible Tank could earn more than that, but I see rotation being a significant part of this defensive line.