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Dez Bryant, Cowboys standoff getting uglier

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The standoff between wide receiver Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys seems to be getting uglier and uglier. The San Francisco 49ers only face the Cowboys in the preseason this year, but I still thought this was an interesting story.

If you haven't been paying attention, the Cowboys placed the franchise tag on Bryant this offseason. The tag will pay him $12.8 million, but as is often the case with franchised players, Bryant wants a long-term extension. He showed up for some individual OTA work at one point, but he is reportedly ready to skip the season-opener if he does not get a new long-term deal done. His agent confirmed this recently.

This past week, Cowboys COO Stephen Jones said there is a wide gap between the team and the receiver. He said the market is difficult to assess for receivers, but he also said that for now the gap is too big. I suppose that could mean they do in fact have their own assessment, but who knows.

Jerry Jones thinks Bryant will be around for the Giants game, but was obviously not certain. Following that, Bryant tweeted this out:

It is not a big surprise that plenty of fans reacted negatively too this tweet. It will be interesting to see how this develops if Bryant misses training camp and then does in fact hold out into the regular season. Fans are often quick to turn on players when they hold out for more money.

I am not surprised by this mentality, but I do find it interesting that fans are siding with ownership against players. People will say, "Well he has $13 million, so why should I feel bad for him?" I get not feeling bad for a guy getting an eight figure pay check. However, in choosing the team side, it seems to some extent that fans view the player as betraying their loyalty.

In reality, the players and teams are loyal to themselves. Fans might feel like part of the team, but in reality, fans are dollar signs. It is probably a bit pessimistic to put it that way, but I honestly think that has made it easier for me to deal with the business side of football. I am intrigued by the business of football, and by altering my view of it from an emotional standpoint, I think it might make things a little easier.