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What expectations do you have of Eric Mangini for this season?

Eric Mangini has been getting a little bit of buzz in the local and national media. How warranted is the attention?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that the theme of Eric Mangini this offseason is causing the opposing offense confusion. That's been the media narrative, at least, culled from quotations from players, most notably Antoine Bethea. Now, Mangini has a few remarks that continue to feed this narrative, suggesting that the defense will look to confuse opposing offenses a lot this coming season.

When explaining the decision to stick with a 3-4 defense this year, Mangini highlighted the versatility it provides, saying [source here], "I've always been a big believer in having versatility. That's why, the 3-4 in general, I think it's a balanced set so you can do whatever you want to do and you cannot be forced into certain things because of the [versatility] of the defenders."

LBs coach Jason Tarver explains what this versatility might look like for a defense in a more concrete fashion: "The general 3-4 system allows you to be specific with four guys together when needed, or the outside linebackers and the D-line together, when needed. So it allows you to get more exact on your coaching and work together. That's been a good process."

Some of this versatility will be familiar to us from the last few seasons under Vic Fangio. He would move LBs up to the D-line, for example. But, it sounds like Mangini will emphasize confusing the offense even more than Fangio did.

But, he will have some serious challenges. Much has been made about the retirements on the defensive side of the ball - and the fuss is warranted. The San Francisco 49ers lost some key players on the defense. That's not easy to get over, and this is a huge problem for Mangini.

Moreover, Mangini's past continues to haunt him. Take a look at Fooch's recent article about SI's look at who might be a future head coach. The SI article points to problems with the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns, but notes that the dysfunction in Cleveland might give Mangini as pass in the future. Additionally, Mangini's one year as defensive coordinator with the New England Patriots does not inspire a ton of confidence.

But, Mangini is not afraid of reflecting on his past, or even talking about it. In his recent press conference, Mangini was more than happy to talk about the past, including his time as head coach.

So, what are your expectations for Mangini this season? Has he learned from the past, or is he just not that good of a coach? Will he be able to overcome the retirement challenges that this offseason presents? How seriously do we take his past as head coach? Or, even, as TEs coach during a season when Vernon Davis disappeared?