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49ers training camp tickets: August 1 practice to public open following HS all star game

The San Francisco 49ers will have at least one practice open to the public this year. Levi's Stadium announced the first such event. Here are the details.

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The San Francisco 49ers report back to training camp in just under a month and a half, and we are slowly getting more information about the coming month of practices. The 49ers will open some of the practices up to fans, and we have word on the first such open practice.

Levi's Stadium is hosting a high school football all star game called the Charlier Wedemyer All Star Game. It is scheduled for August 1, and the Levi's Stadium Instagram account announced a game ticket will now include a "post-game 49ers training camp practice." Tickets for the game are $20, and it appears fans will need to get that ticket to view the post-game practice. You can buy tickets HERE. I expect some kind of publicity on it from the 49ers in the near future. I imagine the game would be in the stadium, and the practice would be over on the practice facilities across the way. In the past, open practices have been free, so I would imagine/hope there will be more open practices beyond just this one.

The 49ers have not announced their training camp schedule, but the collective bargaining agreement does give us a window into the start of camp. According to Article 23, Section 5 of the CBA, no veteran will be required to report to camp earlier than 15 days before the team's first preseason game. Rookies, quarterbacks and injured players can report before then, but full practices will not happen until after everyone reports.

I am still not 100 percent certain of whether the 49ers veterans can report July 31 or August 1. The 49ers first preseason game is August 15. If you count backwards starting at the 14th, July 31 is 15 days. If we count August 15, then August 1 would be the first day for veterans. The St. Louis Rams open their preseason on August 14, and their first training camp practice is July 31. Maybe that means the 49ers August 1 open practice will be the first practice of training camp. We'll see!