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Jim Harbaugh once practiced in full pads at 49ers practice

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On a slow Friday morning, this might be the least surprising thing I learn today. Tip of the cap to our Michigan blog, Maize N Brew for finding this. Earlier this month, Jim Harbaugh was spotted in Alabama at a Michigan organized football camp, playing without his shirt on. He was running around and having a good time, which is not particularly surprising. However, former San Francisco 49ers tight end Delanie Walker was recently asked about that, and he had a great story of his own.

In Walker's mind, Harbaugh's topless coaching stunt was tame compared to the time he dressed up in full gear and practiced with the 49ers. Turns out the team was short on quarterbacks because of injuries, and Harbaugh played the role of the No. 3 quarterback.

"He dressed up in full gear and practiced the whole practice - pads, helmets, everything on. He had the whole uniform on,'' Walker said of Harbaugh. "We came out and said, "Who is that dude out there? And it was Jim Harbaugh. He had some old high top cleats on.

"He did pretty good. He just couldn't throw the deep, deep pass."

If only there were pictures of this. There had been reports in the past of Harbaugh filling in as an extra quarterback, but I believe this is the first mention of him getting fully padded up. It is not at all surprising given what we know about Harbaugh, but it is still pretty hilarious to consider. I doubt we see Jim Tomsula in full pads, but given his previous work as the team's defensive line coach, I doubt he has any qualms still getting down on the line to show some technique of his own.