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Jarryd Hayne has foot surgery, in bandage for 12 days

San Francisco 49ers rookie returner and running back Jarryd Hayne had foot surgery earlier this week. He posted a photo to Instagram with an update.

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Earlier this month, San Francisco 49ers returner/running back Jarryd Hayne told beat writer Cam Inman that he would be having surgery following the team's mandatory minicamp. Hayne posted a picture to Instagram Friday morning following surgery. It included this caption:

24hours post surgery! Already irritated and annoyed that I can't run around n be active. 12days left being bandage :( #Can'tWaitToRunPainFree

According to Inman's previous report, the surgery was for a cyst on the arch of Hayne's foot. Any surgery is noteworthy, but it is also important to note that Hayne was a full participant in minicamp even with the cyst.

Hayne heads into training camp facing an uphill climb for a roster spot. He is getting work at running back, but is looking at a depth chart that includes Carlos Hyde, Reggie Bush, Kendall Hunter and rookie Mike Davis. He is competing for work at the returner positions, but Bruce Ellington has a year under his belt doing return work.

Hayne brings world class athleticism to the table, but it will take more than that to earn a spot on the 53-man roster. Would you view him as strong bubble or weak bubble at this point?