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Early Madden 16 video shows Colin Kaepernick, Jim Tomsula in 49ers-Cardinals game

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The folks at EA Sports will be releasing the next edition of Madden later this summer, but in the meantime, some video is starting to leak out. The narrator of this video says he got special access to Madden from EA Sports, calling it an alpha build through E3. I don't know enough about the nuances of video game development, so if anybody else knows what it means, feel free to explain in the comments.

This video features the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals, and we get plenty of footage of Colin Kaepernick and Jim Tomsula, among others. I know we have some Madden fans here, so I figured I would share this. We see a long Carlos Hyde run. We also hear about a 49ers screen pass, but don't actually see it. If a screen pass happens and nobody sees it, did it actually happen?!