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Anquan Boldin contract status will likely be resolved next spring

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The San Francisco 49ers and Anquan Boldin seem fine working out a new deal next offseason. Of course, the outcome of what could be a wild 2015 season could impact that.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers will have numerous free agents to deal with next spring, with notable names like Aldon Smith, Vernon Davis, Alex Boone and Phil Dawson high on the list. Arguably their most consistent producer recently is scheduled to go on the market as well.

Anquan Boldin signed a two-year contract extension a year ago. Technically it was a five year deal, but the final three years voided out upon signing. The 49ers had acquired Boldin in the months following the 2012 season. He played out the 2013 season, and then signed his extension in early March.

Last week at minicamp, Boldin was asked about his contract status. He did not seem overly concerned about it, which is not particularly surprising. Chris Biderman had some of Boldin's comments about his contract:

"I'm not into that. I'm not one of those guys," Boldin, 34, said Friday, "...No. I'm going to play this year and we'll see where we're at. It's not a big deal to me. I think they know where my heart is and I know the same with the organization."

Considering Boldin is 34, it is no surprise he has gotten some questions about his future. In one interview, he said he probably would not play until he was 40, as he wants to be able to spend time with his family while his kids are growing up. However, in the minicamp interview, he did say his body still feels great and he thinks he is still playing at a high level.

Boldin previously said if he did not think the 49ers could not contend, he probably would not be there. Much has changed since he signed his recent contract, so this year will tell us plenty about his potential future with the team. A solid season likely means more time in the Bay Area. If the team struggles, we could see Boldin depart for greener pastures. This season will be a big one for a variety of reasons, but a strong or poor performance will likely have repercussions into free agency.