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Adam Silver says NBA looking to change playoff division seeding structure 'fairly quickly'

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The NBA is planning on making changes to their playoff seeding structure. Will the NFL ever follow suit and improve a flawed system?

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The 2015 NBA Finals are a wrap, and the Golden State Warriors are holding a glorious victory parade through Oakland (Draymond Green is the highlight so far). Congrats to the Warriors and all their fans.

However, there was something that came up prior to the Finals that I wanted to bring up. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver had his annual state-of-the-league press conference, which we see from every commissioner leading up to the championship game/series. Silver touched on numerous basketball topics, but one topic is worth a note for football fans.

Silver told the media the NBA is looking at changing the current division seeding structure, and will make a decision "fairly quickly. Silver said the league will look to seed teams 1-8 within conferences irrespective of division finish. He was asked about making a switch to 1-16 seeding, removing conferences entirely from the seeding. Silver said that did not seem like a good idea at this point due to the additional east-west travel.

The NFL currently seems more concerned with playoff expansion than making the playoff structure any better. This past year, the 7-8-1 Carolina Panthers hosted and defeated the 11-5 Arizona Cardinals. The previous year, the 8-7-1 Green Bay Packers hosted and lost to the 12-4 San Francisco 49ers. Some years it gets ridiculous like this, other years it is something like in 2012, when the 11-5 Seattle Seahawks had to travel to 10-6 Washington.

At some point, it would seem to make sense for the league to switch to just 1-6 seeding, instead of giving division winners home field. People have said, "well, the team is being rewarded for winning its division." If a team goes 9-7 to win their division and get into the playoffs, I'd say just getting to go to the playoffs is sufficient reward. If you're a mediocre team that wouldn't have won a wild card berth, you are already benefiting plenty.

I don't expect the NFL to make changes to this structure anytime soon, but hopefully it will move up the radar at some point. This is not a new issue, with the most notable probably being the 7-9 Seahawks getting a home game in the 2010 NFL playoffs. The league just seems to brush it off, but maybe if another league makes a change, it will move the NFL toward improving their own playoff structure. My fingers remain crossed for this to happen.